Guadeloupe Carnival

Let yourself be enchanted by the rhythms of the carnival, untie your legs and immerse yourself in the human tide, which the sound of "Gwo-ka" makes ripple in the city, it is certainly the only way to fully experience the Carnival.

Departing from Deshaies, we go hunting for lights towards Pointe à Pitre, to reach the carnival gathering. Before the start of the tour, you can eat in one of the many “Food Trucks”. The perfect time to taste the Creole specialties suitable for the festivities: the Bokit and the Agoulou.

You are finally ready for 4 hours of crazy and frenzied adventures, and “Déboulé” parade in the heart of the groups at “po”. The real free spirits of Carnival. Rhythm to the sound of chachas, lambi conches and drums, you will parade in the company of historical groups such as Akiyo, Voukoum, Mas Ka Klé and many others...

In a sustained and vigorous rhythm, the tribal horde arrives..., the streets opened by hundreds of whippersnappers! There is something elusive in time, their time, that of nocturnal tumults, between claims and mysticism... Something impalpable also in what they give off and then comes this moment when their vibrations make the ground in their path. The city becomes the playground of “Groupes à Po” who come out of their neighborhoods or who come from elsewhere, tumble through the streets, stop where they are not expected, rhythm and resonate in the alleys of “La Pwent”, make the macadam and the thousands of spectators vibrate.

Only January to March

Prices :
70€ per person -- 50€ for under 10 yo

Departure from Deshaies at 5:00 p.m.
Return around 11:00 p.m.