Full Day DIP tour

& Botanic Road trip

Go aboard a 4x4 Land Rover Defender for a botanical road trip, away from the tourist bustle and discover the sets and locations of the series Murders in Paradise and enjoy a cool break in the rainforest, river and waterfall.
Visit the north of Basse Terre and its leeward coast, Deshaies, Pointe Noire and Sainte Rose.
Raising awareness of plant engineering and its ecosystem.
Enhancement of the botanical, cultural and historical heritage of Guadeloupe.

In the program:
Morning: Discovery of the filming locations of the series in the towns of Pointe Noire and Deshaies, immersion in the tropical forest, swimming in the river and waterfall, weather conditions permitting.
Lunch break: restaurant on the beach with the possibility of swimming or lunch in others restaurants and filming locations (lunch not included in this price).
Afternoon: Discovery of the panoramas of the coast and the heights of Sainte Rose in the heart of the sugar cane fields and filming locations in the towns of Deshaies and Sainte Rose.


Departure every day from Deshaies at 8:30 a.m.
Return around 5:30/6:00 p.m.
Meet at the municipal parking lot in Deshaies
(see on Google Map below)

Prices :
Formula without meal
– 10 years old: €80 / Adult: €100 / -3 years old: free

Minimum 4 person

Day rate 9 hours in a privatized group, meal not included:

2 to 4 people €450.00
5 people €525.00
6 people €590.00
7 people €645.00
8 people €690.00

Minimum of 2 people, maximum 8 people per vehicle
Please note that this tour is private, once you have booked only you can change your group composition.

  For larger groups, contact us for an estimate.

For all tours, we recommend:
Swimsuit | bath towel | Sunscreen | Water bottle | Camera | Walking shoes | Water slippers

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